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Car Engine parts PRO-21B ABC-R/C High Performance Model Engine 9420

  • $59.99

The latest Thunder Tiger PRO-21B series car & buggy engines have been designed for 1/8 scale radio-controlled model "off-road" or "buggy" type cars to combine high performance with easy handling and maintenance using modern CAD computer technology. Major components of the engine are machined from the highest quality materials using state-of-the art CNC manufacturing techniques, resulting in consistently high quality and reliability. The PRO series engines are equipped with dual ball-bearings, Schnuerle porting, ABC type piston and cylinder, and slide-valve carburetor. The "(P)" type series engines have been designed with half-thread crankshaft that enable the flywheel and the clutch set to be installed precisely and conveniently.


(cc / cu. in)
(mm / in)
(mm / in)
Practical R.P.M. Range OUTPUT (BHP/RPM)
3.54/0.216 16.8/0.661 16.0/0.630 2,500~31,000 1.20/28,000

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