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It’s BACK in BLACK! TTRCSport JACKAL with matte black printed body, agressive new decal scheme, big bore shocks, slick new high taction tires and wheels, with high performance, electronic system to boot!

Jackal is ready to take on all terrains.

Jackal is a 1/10 scale 4WD Desert Buggy which is designed to provide customers great off-road experience and easy maintenance. This chassis has been designed and engineered to be a true Desert Buggy. The realistic features make it an unique off-road basher. Capable for high speed off-road driving and handle massive jumps! The Jackal is built to pack a punch!

Flip-Top body for easy battery changes and maintenance
Flip-top body design is designed to that it's easy to open from the top, enabling you to maintain parts with ease and convenience. The adjustable battery casing situated near the back of the vehicle is equipped with Velcro straps, to make the installation of battery easier. The Velcro strap buckle design ensures that the battery will remain fightly gripped in all conditions.

Full roll cage w/front bumper
The Jackal is equipped with full roll cage and front bumper, insulating itself from impacts and tumbles from all directions. The body and rollcage looks scale.


15.4: 1 ratio gearbox w/heavy duty sealed gear differential
The sealed gear box can keep out dust or debris, ensuring high efficiency and stability for your power transmission system. The tough and rigid material allows the gearbox to withstand high torque and load demand, whilst keeping sound and vibration to a minimum.


Oil filled shocks w/ adjustable pre-load springs
4 sets of big bore shock absorbers allows the Jackal to be operated under all kinds of terrains.

High traction tires with insert
The off-road 4-wheel alignment equips the Jackal with an aggressive look, superb handling and steering response, and strong traction even under dirt and sandy paths. Jackal will yield superior off-road performance even under high-speed.

Water-resistant receiver box
The sturdy water-resistant receiver box isolates any potential dirt and water threats. Not even muddy, rainy, and snowy conditions can deter the Jackal from smooth, optimal performance.



Scale: 1:10 

Width: 295mm




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