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Airplane engine parts F-91S 4-stroke Aircraft Model Engine 9804

  • $165.45

Thunder Tiger Four-stroke model engines represent the latest in Thunder Tiger design and manufacturing techniques employing advanced CAD design and CNC manufacturing. All major components of Thunder Tiger engines are machined from the highest quality materials in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Engines are then subjected to rigorous quality control checks to ensure that your engine will provide years of trouble-free use. The F series powerhouse engines are the ultimate in four-stroke performance: the ability to swing a large prop, increased torque, reduced noise and improved fuel economy. Featuring a twin-needle updraft carburetor, black anodized cylinder head, oversized valves, and a high-performance silencer for best power-to-weight ratio. Precision air bleed carburetor makes adjustments simple, and efficient mufflers keep things quiet at the field. Perfect for the pilot looking for the authentic aircraft sound.


(cc / cu. in)
(mm / in)
(mm / in)
Practical R.P.M. (rpm) Output Power (HP/RPM) Weight (w/muffler) (g/oz)
14.97 / .914 28.3 / 1.114 23.8 / 0.937 2,000~12,000 1.6/11,000 742.8 / 26.20

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