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Madcat OBL Ready to Run Boat 5130-F11

  • $299.99

Catamaran Off-shore Racing Excitement! Advanced one-piece blow-molded hull with quality water-cooled outrunner, speed controller and mini servo installed. Available in two colorsfor choice. All the features show Madcatis a valuable choice for skippers


  • ABS blow-molded hull with quick-remove hatch cover
  •  Water cooled OBL 29/19-15M & controller BLC-40M installed
  •  Factory assembled and Ready-To-Run
  •  Mini servo and receiver installed
  •  Wood Stand
  •  Radio COUGAR GP2 2.4GHz included

  • Length(mm / in.) (690mm/27.2” )
  •  Height(mm / in.) (180mm/7.1” )
  •  Beam(mm / in.) (185mm/7.3” )
  •  Weight(g / oz.) (1210g/2.7 lb)
  •  Motor Water-cooled OBL29/19-15M included
  •  Radio COUGAR GP2 2.4GHz included


DOES NOT includes battery and charger.