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Mini Titan E325V2 Kit, 4712-K10 

Mini Titan E325V2 Kit, 4712-K10 

  • $199.99

Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325V2 Kit. Performance has gone ballistic with the latest Mini Titan E325 V2 from Thunder Tiger. Tons of impressive features have been added, creating the ultimate 3D machine in its category: lightweight Carbon / Aluminum main frame, full metal rotor head, lightweight 3D paddles, carbon fin, reinforced main shaft and a totally-redesigned fiberglass canopy and much more!


  • Control System: 120º eCCPM, utilizing three servos working together for the main control of the aileron, elevator and collective pitch, bell-hiller mixing ratio can be changed for different flying styles
  • Rotor Head: Full metal CNC construction with one-piece machined aluminum mast block/servo mount
  • Main Frame: Two-piece 0.06" (1.5mm) thick reinforced carbon
  • Paddles: Lightweight 0.15oz (4.4g), for 3D performance
  • Tail Boom: Aluminum
  • Tail Assembly: Belt driven with metal tail drive gears and pulleys combined for improved tail rotor control
  • Main Blades: Carbon fiber, 12.8" (325mm) in length
  • Battery Tray: Molded plastic, high positioned for better aerobatics
  • Canopy: Pre-painted FRP (fiber reinforced plastic construction)
  • Landing Gear: Molded one-piece, black in color
  • Main Gear: Plastic construction, 150 tooth

The Mini Titan E325V2 Kit also comes equipped with radically longer rotor grips and rigid hub for generating additional lift and awesome responsiveness, even when flown under standard-size blades.

And to top it all off, the Mini Titan E325V2's roll rate is exponentially faster than any other 450-size helis thanks to a lower blade-to-ground height, a high-positioned battery tray and motor mount design that keeps the CG much closer to the main rotor disc.

The "Pendulum" effect is reduced to a minimum making the Mini Titan E325V2 a much more stable platform. The longer grips and hub generates more left and brings an extremel