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Thunder Tiger Raptor E700 FL V2 KIT

  • $699.98

The Raptor E700 V2 is now available with sleek fuselage!

With the colorful body scheme, this fiberglass made fuselage has great visibility in the air. The two-piece fuselage is easy to install and maintain. The battery could be replaced within seconds without remove the fuselage. Catch up with this beautiful beast now!
※ Recommended Optional Part


  • Control System:
    Flybarless aluminum rotor head 135° ECCPM 8mm spindle and metal grips, integrated quick calibration system makes aligning the swash and other functions easy and precise.
  • Main Shaft:
    12mm, heat treated and hollowed for greater weight reduction.
  • Canopy:
    Fiberglass, bright orange and white with red and blue accents.
  • Landing Gear:
    Plastic frame with aluminum skids.
  • Tail Boom:
    Aluminum with lengthened supports for additional rigidity, tail boom mounted rudder servo for improved performance.
  • Tail Case:
    One-piece machined aluminum, new larger tail fin for better visibility when flying.
  • Tail Rotor:
    Optimized for wide range of head speeds, accomodates 105-116mm tail blades, stronger tail drive gears that the E700v1.
  • Tail Drive gears:
    Helical cut to increase surface area and reduce noise.
  • Battery Tray:
    Quick-remove, mounted low for perfect CG.


Length: 50.3" (1277mm)   Tail Rotor Diameter: 11.02" (280mm)
Width: 7.5" (191mm)   Main Rotor Length: 27.17" (690mm)
Height: 15.2" (385mm)   Tail Rotor Length: 4.13" (105mm)
RTF Weight: 6.4lbs" (2917g)   Gear Ratio (E:M:T:): 9.85:1:4.27
Main Rotor Diameter: 60.5-61.3" (1538-1558mm)      

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