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Heli Engine Parts PRO-61HL 9696

  • $59.00

Heli Engine Parts PRO-61HL 9696

The latest PRO series engines have been designed by industry experts in engine design and manufacturing techniques. Only the latest CAD/CAM equipment has been used in the design and manufacture of your engine. Major engine components are machined from the highest quality materials using state-of-the art CNC manufacturing techniques, resulting in consistently high performance and reliability. All PRO series engines are equipped with dual ball-bearings, Schnuerle porting, ABC and automatic mixture control carburetors.

Engine Item No. Displacement
(cc / cu. in)
(mm / in)
(mm / in)
Power Output Max RPM Range Practical RPM Range Shaft Thread
PRO-61HL 9696 9.97C.C
195BHP/16,000RPM 2,000~17,000RPM 2,500~14,000RPM UNF5/16-24

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